An Examination of Science High School Students’ Attitudes towards Mathematics Course and Their Academic Self-Concept on the Basis of Various Factors

Hulya Pehlivan, Pınar Köseoğlu



The aim of this study is to analyse high schoolers’ attitudes towards math and their academic self-concepts in relation to (a) income level, (b) financial source for the child’s education, (c) educational place, and (d) family’s living place. The sample includes a total of 345 Ankara Science High School students. The data were collected through the use of an attitude scale with 24 items, an academic self-concepts scale with eight items and a demographic information form. The attitude scale is found to have 0.95 alpha reliability while the academic self-concept scale is found to be 0 .83. In comparing two groups, t tests were used. ANOVA and Scheffe test were used for comparing more than two groups. The findings indicate that neither attitudes towards maths course nor academic self-concepts are influenced by the family characteristics.

Keywords: Science High School, Math Course, Attitude, Academic Self-Concept.

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