Neuromarketing as a Basis for Online Research

Radek Tejkl



This paper describes the field of neuromarketing and its development. It explains the principles of research using brain scanning technologies and what informations it is possible to find out by that research. It is clarified how it is used in marketing field especially in marketing research in particular for commercial purposes. Paper also contains studies that show sense of neuromarketing. There is a short notice about some ethics problems connected with gathering information about the human brain. This whole concept is one of the fundamental basis of the planned research which will be implemented on the Internet medium. It is based on the fact that neuromarketing has been used only for research of brand, product, merchandising or advertising. Marketing principles, however, also apply to the world of the Internet. The result of that research will be the analysis that shows how users perceive various sensations on the Internet.

Keywords: neuromarketing, neuroimaging, neuroscience, marketing research, internet research, online marketing.

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