Impedance Matching of the Discharge in Plasma Jets

Tomaš Mazurek



The goal of the paper is to briefly describe the theory and verify the technical feasibility of the impedance matching circuit as a part of the modular system of plasma jets. The goal of the research was the design, simulation and resulting construction of the whole system with a suitable radio frequency generator operating at frequency 13.56 MHz and with such output power which could be used for generating plasma on a principle of high-pressure hollow cathode with a stream of plasma (the plasma pencil). Crucial and innovative point was also the measurement of the impedance of the discharge in plasma jet and the following design of the matching circuit between the output impedance of the generator and the impedance of plasma jet (group of jets). Basic idea of such modular system is shown and also two types of possible configurations are discussed.

Keywords: Matching Circuit, Plasma Discharge, Plasma Jet, Plasma Pencil, RF Generator.

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