Possibilities of Verification of the Required Capabilities According to NATO Network Enabled Capabilities Concept

Jaroslav Kozubek, Zdenek Flasar



The article discusses the possibilities of utilization of the virtual simulators to verify achieving of required capabilities in accordance with NATO NEC Concept. Verification of the required capabilities by experiments are one of the fundamental tools of the Concept Development & Experimentation (CD&E) is the application of the structure and methods of experimental science to the challenge of developing future military capability. Just reliably carried out experiments within virtually generated real operational environment conditions can validate, in the first stage, if the newly developed and introduced technological means and newly defined tactics, techniques and procedures are able to increase the units’ combat effectiveness within present and future operations.

Keywords: NATO, NEC, CD&E, concept development, experimentation, capabilities, virtual simulator.

Full Text:


DOI: https://doi.org/10.15516/cje.v14i0.464


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