Complex Strategic Analysis of Organization

Monika Grasseová, Eva Štěpánková



The purpose of this article is to inform both expert and nonprofessional public about the most common mistakes accompanying analysis implementation, taking SWOT analysis performance as an example. The article deals with a strategic analysis of the organization and one of the most frequently used methods of a complex strategic analysis of organizations in particular – SWOT analysis. The method is first briefly defined, and its focus and principles clarified. The study is then focused on the individual stages of SWOT analysis and their implementations in practice. The authors present here the principles and suggestions which are to be followed within the individual stages of SWOT analysis implementation in the organization. At the same time the attention is drawn to possible pitfalls that the makers of the SWOT matrix might face, while creating it at the individual stages. In the conclusion there are complex suggestions and possible difficult areas of SWOT analysis as a whole.

Keywords: SWOT Analysis, Decision Making Support, Strategic Planning.

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