Experiencing a 20th-century visual artwork – Andy Warhol

Marija Brajčić, Dubravka Kuščević, Marija Petic


This paper presents the results of a research on students' reactions to 20th-century visual artworks. The research involved 300 students attending lower grades of primary school (Grade 1-4) from Split-Dalmatia County. The aim of the research was to examine the reactions of students to the works of the famous Pop Art artist Andy Warhol, using the method of aesthetic transfer. The task of the students was to describe their impression of the observed paintings of Marilyn Monroe and Coca-Cola. Based on the results obtained, it can be concluded that Grade 1 1-4 students react positively to the mentioned artworks. Most of the children accepted the works of the famous artist. Students were expected to react differently to the observed artworks with respect to gender and age, while the research showed that a statistically significant difference existed in only one segment of the research. Additionally, the emotional engagement aroused in students by the observed works was studied. The results in the reception phase show students mostly react emotionally to the observed artworks. Furthermore, the artworks in the reaction phase showed interesting creative variations on the artwork of the famous artist, which means that they inspired the students to a creative aesthetic response. Apart from getting acquainted with 20th-century artworks, we can see from these examples that they can also be a good stimulus for articulating students' own artistic expression.


Keywords: students, visual artworks, attitudes, motif, Andy Warhol

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15516/cje.v22i0.3847


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