Open Courseware-Based Logic Design Course

Birim Balcı, Birol Çiloğlugil, Mustafa Murat İnceoğlu


Logic Design is one of the core courses of many engineering programs and provides a foundation for the following hardware courses in the curriculum. In this study, a course design supported by digital open courseware for Logic Design is presented. In this regard, syllabus, slides, laboratory manual handbook including experiment sheets and simulations, experiment videos, assignments and examples were prepared. The aim of this research is to determine the effect of supporting Logic Design course with digital open courseware on student achievement. It also aims to determine students’ opinions regarding this approach. The study follows a mixed methods approach with the pretest-posttest control group experimental research design. The study was conducted at a university in Turkey in spring semester of 2017-2018 academic year with 68 computer engineering students. While the students of experiment group took the course supported with digital open courseware, only regular instruction was used in the control group. The quantitative data were collected from an achievement test including open-ended questions and surveys. The qualitative data were gathered by semi-structured focus group interviews. The findings were meticulously analyzed to provide suggestions for revision of the course. Finally, future work directions were discussed.

Key words: Achievement; course design; digital open courseware; engineering education; logic design.

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