The Analysis of the Music Therapy Program’s Effect on Taking Turn-Sharing Skills and Expressing Feelings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Razge Sila Zorba, Gönül Akçamete, Deniz Özcan


This study aimed to reveal the influence of a music therapy program on the development of the abilities to taking turn-share and express feelings of a child of 8 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This research was designed using mixed research methods. The study was carried out in a state school, which had a source class, in 2016-2017 academic year. A music therapy program was developed by the researcher and applied to the participant in the individual format. The participant participated in 70 individual music therapy sessions and 19 classroom observations. Music therapy sessions and lesson observations were quantitatively analyzed by using Oldfield’s Video Analysis Method. The results of the analysis revealed that the social skills of the participant to taking turn-share and express feelings are improving both in music therapy and in lesson observations. The results of the research were discussed with the support of the litearture. 

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