Environmental and citizenship in schools participating in the program Eco-Schools. Primary pupils' conceptions about the socio-environmental issues

Olga Moreno-Fernández


Type or paste your abstract here as prescribed by the journal’s instructions for Environmental education is one of the key tools to address the social, economic and ecological crisis. This work focuses on the ideas of elementary school third cycle pupils on the world’s social and environmental problems. This research aims at testing whether the Eco-School educational program offers a local-global perspective on these issues. Taking a qualitative approach, questionnaires including open questions and interviews and focal groups were done at selected centres. The analysis of the results revealed some significant aspects that could be useful for the improvement of this type of educational experiences. It highlights the need to work and understand the environmental realities from the ‘glocal’ perspective.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15516/cje.v19i2.1871


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