Distributed Optimization – Concepts, Ideas and Solutions

Alexandr Štefek



The optimization problem is generally defined and often solved in many scientific areas. For the solution mathematical definition is needed. This definition is usually covered by fitness function and space of possible solutions. For the process of optimum finding many determinist methods were defined. But some problems cannot be solved by using those methods. Actual state of computer science or IT availability allows using new methods which were not applicable earlier. Those methods are based on brute force. Multiple agents are exploring state space discovering new improving solutions. Some methods are well known – Particle Swarm Optimization method, Gravity Search Algorithm and many others. The optimization process with using of new multi agent based methods offers concurrent optimization. This can be done by many ways; one of them uses the distribution.

This paper will discuss some aspecst of distributed optimization. There are shown structures, algorithms, subsystems which are needed for problem solution. This concept allows adapting the new optimization problems which were not known at the design time.

Keywords: Optimization, Swarm based methods, PSO, GSA.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15516/cje.v14i0.471


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