The Knowledge Management Systems in the ACR

Ladislav Burita



The article is based on the defense research project entitled ‘Network Enabled Capability (NEC) Knowledge Management System in the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) – MENTAL’, the first research project dealing with Knowledge Management at the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. The Knowledge Management System (KMS) is based on Topic Maps. The project aims to create the KMS under the ACR NEC administration. The methodology of the KMS development is described. The key task of the KMS development is the creation, evaluation and implementation of ontology. The KMS MENTAL functions are specified and the software tools TOVEK and ATOM2 are described. Some implementation ideas of the KMS in the ACR are mentioned.

Keywords: Knowledge Management System (KMS), MENTAL, Network Enabled Capability (NEC), architecture, technology component, function, deployment, ACR.

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