Analysis of Creative Skills in Various Secondary School Programs in Slovenia

Jerneja Herzog


There is a lack of research in the field of monitoring artistic creativity in secondary schools in Slovenia, so a study was conducted on the population of 81 pupils of different secondary school programs in Slovenia, aged 16 years, where we monitored artistic creative abilities. We analysed the achievements of pupils in terms of common artistic abilities, and also examined differences between groups of factors of artistic creativity, which encourage and enable artistic creativity, as well as in terms of differences in individual factors of artistic creativity. The analysis was aimed at identifying the differences between different secondary school programs.

The results show that pupils in the art secondary school program generally lead the way. However, the pupils of the general secondary school program achieved better results in the factor of artistic originality. Such a result confirms that good results can be achieved in the field of the development of artistic creativity also in general secondary school programs with the appropriate art pedagogical work.

Key words: artistic creativity, creativity, factors of artistic creativity, pupils

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