The Opinion of Elementary School Teachers about the Use of ICT in Biology Classes in Four European Countries

Eva Borsos, Edita Boric, Isabel Banos-González, Mária Patocskai


In the 21stcentury pupils learn how to use technological devices from their early
childhood. Therefore, the use of Information and Communications Technology
(ICT) in teaching and learning processes seems obvious. For the purpose of this
research, 305 class teachers from four European countries (Serbia, Spain, Croatia
and Hungary) were asked about their experiences and opinions on the use of ICT
in biology classes. The aim was to determine whether they consider that this way
of teaching is effective and may motivate pupils for further learning. The results
showed that the teachers from all four countries agree that pupils enjoy and are
more motivated when learning with the use of the ICT, and it improves the quality
of their lessons.
Keywords: biology education; information and communications technology;
primary school; teachers

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