Quiz-Enhanced Learning in Elementary School

Olivera Iskrenović-Momčilović


In modern teaching and new technological environment, a teacher should design
activities that will stimulate students to actively participate in the process of
acquiring knowledge. The use of quizzes in teaching creates a competitive spirit,
develops creativity and accuracy in students, entrusts the activity and motivation of
students in the process of acquiring knowledge. This paper examines the effectiveness
of the Kahoot quiz in teaching science in the learning of basic concepts of relief in
elementary school. The analysis has shown that there is a statistically significant
difference in achievement among students who have studied in traditional ways
and those who have used the Kahoot quiz. The obtained results are in a positive
correlation with the mark in science and showing that there are no differences
in achievement between boys and girls. It can be concluded that the quiz as an
alternative way of learning has practical use in teaching, which enables cognitive,
motivational, emotional and social development of students. Students experience
solving the quiz as a game that positively influences the adoption and understanding
of teaching material.
Key words: Kahoot; science; quiz; students; teaching

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15516/cje.v22i3.3620


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