The Effect of Intellectual Development on Approaches to Learning: A Study of the Perry Model with Pre-Service Teachers in Turkey



The recent research seeks to figure out the influence of intellectual development on learning approaches, after controlling for ages. Data were gathered from 322 pre-service primary school teachers through the Turkish versions of the University Students’ Intellectual Development Scale and the Revised Two-Factor Study Process Questionnaire.  Quantitative data were analyzed via statistical software using descriptive statistics and a one-way multivariate analysis of covariance. Results revealed pre-service teachers’ learning approaches significantly differ on their levels of intellectual development, after controlling for their ages. Pairwise comparisons also revealed relativistic thinkers learned deeper than multiplistic ones, holding their ages constant. Enabling teacher educators in Turkey to recognize the intellectual development levels of pre-service teachers, these results may imply several suggestions for healthier communication with pre-service teachers. This study may also help teacher educators in highering pre-service teachers’ intellectual development levels in order to make them learn deeper.

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