Exploring English writing teachers’ self-development through the use of online resources in constrained contexts

Xiaodong Zhang


This study reports on how English writing teachers empowered themselves to connect linguistic knowledge and online resources to develop students’ renewed understanding of writing beyond the structure level. Through qualitative analyses of one college English teacher’s reflections, his verbal interactions with students, as well as his  students’ written documents and interviews, the study shows that in the process of self-development, the teacher experienced a diverse array of challenges. Despite this, the teacher’s self-development through the use of online resources was facilitated by his incorporation of linguistic knowledge, which ultimately helped his students transcend their previous writing practices, and reproduce culturally and linguistically effective written discourses. The study concludes that teachers’ self-development to facilitate students’ written communication in constrained contexts is useful, and synergizing online resources and linguistic knowledge is important to overcome challenges encountered in the process of self-development

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15516/cje.v22i1.3299


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